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The Kids

A brighter future means building kids resiliency now. Let's do this together.

Creating A Bright Future

From bullying and abuse, to sadness and anxiety, 2 in 5 children/youth will experience some form of mental health issue. 5 out of 6 of those kids will not receive the help they need, carrying these burdens into their adulthood.

The majority of mental health issues have their onset during childhood or adolescence, but it's shown that support at a young age can decrease or extinguish the issue altogether.

Currently partial proceeds of each sale go toward kids mental health organizations, but as Retreat continues to grow, we intend to shine a brighter light on the issue and create community initiatives that will impact kids in every community across North America.

Our goal is to raise 10M in 10 years. Lofty? You bet. But it's a cause worthy of everyone's efforts, you can bet your future on it.

Creating a better world begins with creating healthier minds. The kids can't wait, and we are here to help. Put on your hero cape and let's go!

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