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The power of scent is real.
Why is a Candle such a powerful marketing tool?

Scent-based marketing is the real deal. A vague whiff of say vanilla or jasmine can trigger fond memories from your past and immediately bring you to a place of joy or familiarity. Scent has the power to enhance your brand experience and establish a long-lasting connection with your clientele or team long after they have left your store. Let us help you get your brand on the counter tops, mantels, bedrooms (and hearts) of your customers.

Why stock OUR candles ...when you can stock YOURS?

Your label. Your scent. Your candle. We can help you create a custom candle line that matches the needs and quality of your customers, while connecting your brand story to the products on your shelf. Low minimums, fast turnaround, great service, quality product. Plus it all gives back to kids mental health.

Let's get started!

We can help you create something to be proud of. We use the finest and most sustainable ingredients, paraben and pthalate-free fragrances, FSC-certified wooden wicks (that crackle), the sky is the limit with the candle label, and you can be proud that partial proceeds from your purchase goes back to kids and youth mental health initiatives.

Low minimums, competitive pricing, great service, and a product you'll be proud to put your name. Fill out the form below, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less, and we can get rockin'!

Things to include:
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