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The power of scent is real.

FINALLY! You've found your last stop for that perfect gift! I know it's probably been a slog navigating different sites and ideas, but you're home now, and I've got you covered. With an effortless process, a high quality end-product, and personal service, I'll turn you into a gifting rockstar in no time.

So why are high-quality, sustainable, custom candles that give back to kids mental health better than a cheap run-of-the-mill consumable, mass-produced gift you ask?

Emotional Connection

Scent has a powerful link to memory and emotion. A custom-scented candle can evoke feelings of comfort and relaxation, creating a positive association with your brand. This emotional connection can be more impactful than the practicality of typical swag or the temporary enjoyment of food and drink.

Longevity & Visibility

Unlike consumables like wine or food that are enjoyed once and then gone, custom candles last longer, providing continued visibility and engagement with your brand. Every time the candle is used, it reinforces your brand's message and presence, making it a lasting reminder of your relationship.

Enhanced Brand Perception

Offering a sustainable candle that also contributes to children's mental health initiatives not only elevates your brand’s corporate social responsibility but also aligns your brand with compassion and care. This can enhance your brand's image and appeal to clients who value ethical and charitable endeavors.

Aesthetic and Functional Versatility

Candles can be designed to fit any corporate aesthetic, from sleek and modern to cozy and traditional, making them versatile for any client. They serve both decorative and functional purposes, unlike typical swag, which may not always align with everyone’s personal or home decor style.

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We can help you create something to be proud of. We use the finest and most sustainable ingredients, paraben and pthalate-free fragrances, FSC-certified wooden wicks (that crackle), the sky is the limit with the candle label, and you can be feel good that partial proceeds of your order go back to kids and youth mental health initiatives!

Low minimums, competitive pricing, great service, and a product you'll be proud to put your name. Fill out the form below, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less, and we can get rockin'!

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"I love to surprise my clients with a gift when they least expect it, and these custom-branded candles have been a perfect choice. Handing them out at house closings provides a memorable touch that clients mention months later. It's a delightful way to stay memorable in a competitive market."

Lisa Blackwell
Toronto, Canada

"We gifted these elegant candles to our top clients this quarter. The feedback has been incredible! Clients appreciated the subtle branding and the luxurious feel of the candles, enhancing our professional relationship."

Ashley S.
New York, NY

"We ordered these custom-branded candles as a part of our end-of-year thank you gifts for our team. The quality and scent were outstanding, and the personalized branding was a hit. It truly made our staff feel valued and appreciated."

Miller Star Regalia Law
Ottawa, ON

"For our 'Brighten a Child's Life' campaign, we used custom-branded candles from Retreat Candle Co. The special pricing enabled us to turn a good profit, boosting our child mental health programs. The community loved the quality and the meaningful impact of their purchases."

Bright Futures
Vancouver, CA

"We've been using Retreat Candle Co. for our corporate event table gifts, and they never disappoint. The ability to match the candle's fragrance and colour with the event theme makes all the difference in our guest experience. Truly a bespoke service!"

Selena Cowie
Los Angeles, CA

"Our 'Illuminate Wellness' campaign, featuring custom-branded candles from Retreat Candle Co., was really well-received. The candles, sold at our special price (thanks Billy!), allowed us to raise significant funds for women's mental health initiatives. The quality and purpose behind each candle resonated deeply, helping us spread awareness and support within our network of female doctors and beyond."

Women in Medicine