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Fort Lauderdale is my home state. Also called the "Venice of America" because of its many boating canals, it attracts yachting enthusiasts worldwide. Fort Lauderdale is also known for miles and miles of breathtaking beaches. Located on the southeastern coast of Florida, it has a yacht-style cruise that passes through its canals and a fantastic tourism sector that contributes to its rich cultural life. The city has a diverse and stimulating cultural scene as it offers lots of things for tourists; this is why the city has attracted the interest of many people. Due to the city's tropical weather and vibrant atmosphere, the city is developing steadily and has a unique atmosphere that makes it an attractive place to live in. Fort Lauderdale is a city full of life. Fort Lauderdale is the place to be for anyone who likes living near the sea with a touch of liveliness.

For the perfect gift or seasonal gift items that transform you and your home in the holiday season in the embrace of the Fort Lauderdale lifestyle, visit Retreat Candle Co to create something that speaks to you. Our signature line is an eclectic blend of our Carter Candle Company trend line and the Be-unique collection, where everything is custom-made. With our line of gift candles, there is something for everyone.

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Custom Candles

Our Candles Are Unique... Because You Are. 50+ scents to mix and match.

Scented Candles in Fort Lauderdale

Retreat Candle is crafted from the finest naturally scented coconut and soy wax and makes an excellent eco-friendly gift that is 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable. All our products are individually poured and then carefully packaged before being shipped out. Perfect, high-quality gifts for residents and non-residents of Fort Lauderdale who are looking for a unique way to come to the city can be found through our service.

Our 100% Fresh Scents No Fragrance candles make for an elegant, modern and upscale touch for any occasion or event. Our clean and long-burning wax leaves your mood with a gorgeous glow that lasts hours. We have a variety that suits all tastes, such as “Lost in Nature”, “Surfers Paradise”, and “Tropical Breeze.” No matter which scent you are pleased with, we’ve got it! With our so many options, you will definitely make that little corner of your room feel warm and inviting.