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Nashville is known for its talented people and thriving music scene, and it has much more to offer. The city has a number of parks and museums, as well as lovely areas that are frequently overshadowed by the developed downtown area. It is a great city to live in with its friendly people, lots of activities and opportunities. Nashville is located in the state of Tennessee on a natural-made peninsula between the Cumberland River and the Duck River. The landscape is rolling hills while it has no real mountains or coastline, but it does have many beautiful woodland forests, lakes, streams and creeks. 

If you’re looking for unique gifts or seasonal holiday gifts that also reflect the Nashville lifestyle, check out Retreat Candle Co to create something that speaks uniquely to you. From our signature line candles to custom scented candles, browse our selection of gift candles for you or your loved ones.

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Our Candles Are Unique... Because You Are. 50+ scents to mix and match.


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