Your Package Candle

Your Package Candle

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Package /ˈpakij/ - an object or group of objects wrapped in paper or plastic, or packed in a box.

This is of course the type of package we are referring to. Rrrright. Bonus: the sexy and subtle Vanilla Pipe Tobacco scent is a gift for you too.

As always, partial proceeds go to kids mental health. Feel good about what you buy.


Sustainably-made | Vegan | Zero-Waste
Retreat uses a custom coconut and soy wax which is among the most sustainable waxes on the market. With phthalate-free fragrances, FSC certified crackling wooden wicks, zero-plastic packaging, and a seedpaper bookmark to plant in your empty candle jar with each order, it's tough to find a more ethical candle out there. As always, partial proceeds go to kids/youth mental health initiatives.