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“Hands-down the most impactful client gift we've ever given. Every time they light it up they are reminded of our company. ...and we love the cause.” -Shannon, Interior Designer

The power of scent is real! Scent-based branding has a unique ability to form immediate, powerful, and differentiated emotional connections with customers, clients, and team members (get that awesome company culture going asap). A unique scent can spark the memory of your brand, your product, the wonderful time they had working with your team, or even events dating back to your childhood.

Retreat candles are made from 100% all-natural wax, phthalate-free fragrances, FSC-certified wooden wicks (that crackle), and the best part...every candlegives back to kids and youth mental health initiatives!Your clients and team will feel great about their choice to work with you.

Let us help you define a scent that represents your brand story, work with you on label design, and get your brand imprinted into peoples memories for years to come.

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Fast turnaround. Custom scent creation. Custom labels. Nothing but goodness.

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