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*100% of the net proceeds of this special candle go to youth mental health programs at The Royal. #CandlesForACause  All other Retreat candles also donate a portion of proceeds to kids mental health. 

Fun. Musical. Artistic. Gourmand. Inclusive. Natural. Green. Beautiful, oh so beautiful.  ...Home.
If there was one word to describe Ottawa, what would it be? Diverse would certainly make the list.  With notes of cedarwood and musk, and undertones of sweet cherry, clove, and plum, this is a candle that you'll be coming back for, and definitely represents the soft, kind-hearted nature of Ottawans. 

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Spread the word, raise the funds, help make Ottawa a better place by buying this incredible smelling candle for yourself, or for others this holiday season.

This rockin' label was created by local graffiti artist Robbie Lariviere of Falldown Gallery.